Starting a Retail Business

Posted on Monday June 8, 2009 in Setting Up Business

If you are mulling over putting up your very first retailing business, you have to do some business planning. Retailing is basically procuring goods or merchandise in large quantities from suppliers or manufacturers and then reselling them in smaller quantities for direct consumption. Retailers profit through imposing a mark-up or additional percentage over and above the original unit price. A supermarket and a boutique are two concrete examples of a retailer.


First retailing business

As a starter tip, you have to determine your products and identify the market you wish to serve. You may consider establishing your own grocery store or fashion boutique. You need to ask yourself whether you will operate a thrift mart or a first-class dress shop. You also need to decide where to locate your business. Additionally, you may put up an online retailing site where you can market your goods not just to your neighbourhood, but to the rest of the world.

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