Retail Market Forecast

Posted on Monday June 8, 2009 in Industry News


Understanding and forecasting the movements in the retail industry is crucial for the formulation and implementation of marketing strategies. In the U.K., the key retail industry drivers are the changing socio-economic trends and consumer behaviour. Research shows that socio-economic patterns play a major role in shaping the industry’s future. Meanwhile, the Internet has continued to attract more shoppers through discounts and savings amid slumping economy. Online retail sales in the U.K. show a 13% year-after-year increase in February 2009.

Retail Stock

Retail Stock

Projections say that the U.K. e-retail sector is immune to recession and will continue expanding. British consumers are the bigger online spenders compared to other Europeans. In Poland, the supermarket sector is projected to grow amid the crisis and the number of players will likewise rapidly increase until 2012. Meanwhile, India’s baby care market will witness rapid growth until 2013, its gems and jewellery market shows future prospects until 2011, and its women’s wear market is projected to grow by about 25%. China’s apparel market will see new opportunities for growth due to the changing retail landscape, rising apparel consumption, and increasing Western influence. Although projections may deviate from the actual, being aware of them and becoming proactive will give a retailer an advantage over its competitors.

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