Promote Your Home-Based Retail Business With A Party

Posted on Thursday June 24, 2010 in Marketing and Advertising

If you are starting a home-based retail business, one of the best ways to promote you product is to throw a launching party! If you are going to sell baked goods, for example, why not throw a free tasting party for your friends and neighbours?


Hold the party on a weekend so that several people can attend. It does not have to be a grand event. It can be a casual get-together in your backyard. Send out invitations at least three days before the event and explain why you are hosting the party. On the day itself, prepare your food items and make sure to present them in the most appealing way possible.

During the party, make sure to rotate among guests and see how they are enjoying your food. You can also hand out suggestion forms where they can anonymously write down their comments to help improve your product. By throwing a launching party, not only are you spreading the word about your business, you are also encouraging potential customers to develop feelings of good will toward you.

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