Increasing Productivity by Keeping Employees Healthy

Posted on Friday May 6, 2011 in Business Operations

Human capital has always been part and parcel of companies’ success, helping them grow into large and renowned corporations. This is because people are the ones who personally cater to the various needs of customers. However, in order for personnel to be fully deliver quality service, not only must they have basic knowledge of customer relations but they must also be skilled and capable of doing their job. One way of accomplishing this is to have a sound mind and active body. If their immune systems or motor functions are compromised in any way, their entire performance might be hampered. For this reason, business establishment should pay special attention to the welfare of their workers.


One way of ensuring this is to hold annual check-ups. This way, employers are able to monitor the condition of each employee. This is a good way to assist staff with certain medical conditions that need special attention. One good example of this is asthma. If employers know that one of their employees is suffering from this illness, they will know beforehand that such a person should not be allowed to work in areas with concentrated chemical gases. This knowledge can also help company decision-makers determine the type of work suitable for each individual.

Of course, employees’ health is not a sole responsibility of employers. Individuals should also be aware of the risks present in the job they are applying for. They should not base their choice mainly on their talents and skills, but also on the workload and its possible effect on their well-being. By doing so, they can help the company grow, be able to provide better service to customers, and attain all their career goals and ambitions.

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