3 Quick Tips on Sponsoring Events as a Marketing Strategy

Posted on Sunday September 29, 2013 in Marketing and Advertising

Like many business owners, you might be focused on creating an environmentally competitive serviced office, organising trainings and workshops for your staff, and taking care of your customers’ issues and concerns. However, you have to remember that these aren’t the only things that you should do; if you want your business to grow, you should also focus on developing creative and one-of-a-kind marketing strategies.


There are many options that you can explore, and one of these is to host a event. Companies are known to sponsor an event or show in order to promote their products or services. Recent examples of note are the press event announcing the latest iPhone 5s and the reality competition show featuring new Ford Fiestas. If you are a small business owner and have decided that holding an event is a great way to attract customers, here are three tips which may guide you in the right direction.

1.) Get Help

Unless you are a supercomputer that can quickly multitask and easily keep track of and organise an overwhelming amount of data and don’t need to sleep or eat, you are going to need the help of other people when sponsoring any show or event for your company. The important roles that need to be filled include that of an event planner (to coordinate everything), hosts or booth personnel (will talk and sell to the attendees; ideally people who are well-informed of your products and services), entertainers (to prevent the event from becoming a bore), caterers (if food and drinks need to be served), and event advertisers (to spread word about the gathering).

To get started, here are some companies you can contact:

  • Vibrant Communications – they provide extensive staffing solutions in South Africa; customer relations, direct selling, public speaking and marketing are some of their areas of expertise.
  • Canadian Kitchen – despite the name, they’re actually an Australia-based company that will gladly help you with any cocktail, buffet or sit-down events.

2.) Be at the Right Place, at the Right Time and with the Right Crowd

Making sure you sponsor events during the right season and at locations where you know your potential customers gather are essentials and for sure you know that already. But don’t stop there; get more out of whatever you are spending by making sure you attract as many influencers as possible. Don’t be satisfied with luring in potential customers or even potential repeat buyers.

Determine the individuals who are most likely to share their experiences from your event to many more people in their social circles. Cater to them and make them extremely happy, and if they have a blog, news column, social media accounts or video channelswith a large following, then you’ve had struck gold.

3.) Incentivise

There’s more you can offer during your sponsored shows apart from entertainment or information. Heighten the buzz about your product or service launches by giving away stuff because the word ‘free’ is a powerful thing. So give out exclusive deals, discounts, samples and other promotional items.

Handing out incentives to first-time buyers/users is a good strategy as it widens your reach and increases the chances of gaining repeat consumers. Distribution of your freebies can be done online before the event or at the premises while things are happening.

Hope this article has been helpful. You might want to check out our other articles about marketing and advertising too. As for all of you out there with experience in sponsoring events as a marketing strategy, we would love to hear all your tips and advice.

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